How to Spend the Holidays Peacefully with Family AriesTaurusGeminiCancerLeoVirgoLibraScorpioSagittariusCapricornAquariusPiscesSunMoonRisingMercuryVenusMarsJupiterSaturnUranusNeptunePlutoDescendantMidheavenImum CoeliThis is what I used to track my family's natal charts. I just wrote their name in the corresponding box and then look to see what we had in common. Shadow Self Inspired by Gabi Herstik's Bewitching the Elements: Write at least one thing about each family member that you don't likeExamine... Continue Reading →

Connecting to the Elements: Water Water House of Emotion Sphere of the Spirit Compassion & Insight Season:FallColor:Blue, Silver, Teal, NavyTime of Day:TwilightCharacter Trait:Slowness, temperanceFeelings:ImaginationAnimals:All Sea CreaturesTarot Suit:Chalices/CupsTools:Sea Shells, Rain/Water Ocean, Seaweed, Hag Stones, Chalice, Cauldron, CupCrystals:Aquamarine, Blue Florite, Topaz, Tourmaline, Lapiz Lazuli, OpalMetals:Mercury, SilverPlants:Aloe, Apple, Chamomile, Ferns, Gardenia, Jasmine, Lemon, Lily, Lotus, Moss, Rose, WillowCosmic Entities:Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Moon,... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Experiences in September Table of Contents: Intro The Age of Patience Spiritual Acts in the New House Dreams Darkest before the Dawn/ Shining bright as the Sun Instagram Messages/Confirmations Surrendering to a Higher Power (quitting my job) New Moon Manifestations Blessings TikToks I didn't talk about this one but it's such... Continue Reading →

Perfect Self-Expression or The Divine Design

Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include: There is for each man, perfect self-expression. There is a place which he is to fill and no one else can fill, something which he is to do, which no one else can do; it is his destiny! This achievement is held, a perfect idea in... Continue Reading →

Seeds of Devotion Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include: Buddha and Jesus and the Goddess Were Sitting Around Talking 40 As Jesus was talking, the Spirit happened by and overheard. "No. No. That's my turf. Step back. Take a breath." Buddha laughed and pointed at Spirit, "That's what I always say: take a... Continue Reading →

Healing Goals for the Collective

The following are, in no particular order, healing checkmarks. Sometimes we get so focused on thinking of ourselves as "broken" that we don't realize how far we've come. I have made a list of potential healing checkmarks. You may have already reached some of these already (congrats!). You may only resonate with a few (that's... Continue Reading →

Casting the Burden Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include: Part 1: When man knows his own powers and the workings of his mind, his great desire is to find an easy and quick way to impress the subconscious with good, for simply an intellectual knowledge of the Truth will not bring results. In my own... Continue Reading →

Common (Spiritual) Sayings

15 Common Sayings That Are Actually Spiritual 1. It just came to me (Lightbulb Moment) When we are stuck on something or when we are taking a morning walk or any other time of day, an idea will just pop into our head. We don't know from where or why this idea is here but... Continue Reading →

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