Shadow Work and the Water Signs

The diver is like your shadow self. You are the opening at the top. You in full control of letting it out and building a relationship with it. Or you could close it up and not letting the “diver” out of the water. What are you going to decide? Journal Prompts Shadow Work Water SignsContinue reading “Shadow Work and the Water Signs”

Unpopular Opinion on “The Social Dilemma”

Many saw the documentary The Social Dilemma on Netflix. People were outraged by the dark side of social media that the documentary exposed. Filmmakers blamed social media for a rise in teen suicides, the polarization of political parties and the growing inability of youth to communicate in person. Now I am not defending social mediaContinue reading “Unpopular Opinion on “The Social Dilemma””

God, the Universe and Humans

Read the original journal written version. Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include: This podcast episode changed my perspective on the universe. This calendar shows how small a human life is in comparison to the history of the Earth. I learned about Benford’s Law from the Digits episode of this series. Did I miss something?Continue reading “God, the Universe and Humans”