The Power of the Mind: The 7 Principles of Hermes

At 19 years of age, Robert experienced a traumatic accident, which the doctors  suggested would only give him a 5% chance of Survival.  Through resilience and his desire to fight, he dove into personal development as a vessel for healing himself because he realized his coma translated into other parts of his life including finances.Continue reading “The Power of the Mind: The 7 Principles of Hermes”

The Bel-Esprit Interaction

bel-esprit [ bel-es-pree ] : a person with a fine and gifted mind interaction: a particular way in which matter affect one another. The Bel-Esprit Interaction was created for great minds to interact, in order to create new knowledge as well as sharing knowledge that is known in a particular field but not in all fields. Unlike, atContinue reading “The Bel-Esprit Interaction”