Learning from Water

I feel like this picture perfectly depicts how the Divine (the Light) penetrates us (bodies of water). Our aim is to stay at the top where we can see (learn from, be close to God) but we always have the option of going deep into ourselves where no one; not even God can touch. WaterContinue reading “Learning from Water”

Spiritual Experiences in September

Table of Contents: Intro The Age of Patience Spiritual Acts in the New House Dreams Darkest before the Dawn/ Shining bright as the Sun Instagram Messages/Confirmations Surrendering to a Higher Power (quitting my job) New Moon Manifestations Blessings TikToks Check these out for more!

Solar Plexus Chakra Resources

Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include: The Motivation Chakra Color: Yellow Location: Between your navel and ribs Balanced: Confident, feel in charge, personal power, drive, good self-image Blocked: Low self- esteem, feeling powerless, inferiority complex Overactive: Power hungry, domineering, perfectionist, critical Physical Problems: Digestive issues, stomach ulcers, hypertension Gland: Pancreas (a digestive exocrine gland and a hormone-producing endocrine gland) Body Parts: Digestive system, liver, gallContinue reading “Solar Plexus Chakra Resources”