Owning your Truth

On this week’s episode, our guest is… TJ Johnson My name is Thomas Johnson but I also go by TJ and Teej, depending on what stage of my life you’ve met me. I’m 30 years old and from Trenton, NJ but I also consider myself a Californian and now a New Yorker. I graduated fromContinue reading “Owning your Truth”

New Perspectives on Bodies and Sex

the fountain of youth is just letting energy go Every disease is an energetic battle Let’s talk about sex I talk about my story and my views about sex. I also come up with the revelation that we, as a culture, celebrate putting poison (alcohol) in our bodies (21st birthday) but we make menstruation andContinue reading “New Perspectives on Bodies and Sex”

New Perspectives on the Human Body

Exercise #1 *bonus points if you do it naked* **bonus bonus points if you can do it naked while dancing** Exercise #2 Exercise #3 You can find peace when your mind, body, and spirit are balanced. Since we know that our body will do whatever it takes to stay alive, why wouldn’t we believe thatContinue reading “New Perspectives on the Human Body”

Heart Chakra Pt.2: Healing Resources

In Sanskrit, the Heart Chakra is called Anahata Chakra which means: “unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten”. These words are the essence of the heart chakra. To heal your heart chakra, you need to work on your past, present and future self so that you can be unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten. To heal your past, you mustContinue reading “Heart Chakra Pt.2: Healing Resources”