Conversations with Changemaking Creatives


Thank you for being here!

You are here because you are a changemaking creative. A changemaking creative is someone who is making the world a better place just by being their most authentic self.

Grounded Spirits Podcast is a place where we’re uncovering what it means to be truly human and divine simultaneously through the full expression of the mind, body, and spirit.

Every episode has this loose structure:

  1. Intro: How do you define self-expression?
  2. How you express yourself through your mind, body and soul (you can pick one or all and in any order)
  3. Outro: What do we need more of in this world to become a grounded spirit (someone who finds or creates balance being both human and divine)?

We’ll also play some games (i.e. would you rather, word association, etc..) scattered throughout the conversation.

Above all, I want to showcase your story, your work and your thoughts/beliefs/ideas while having fun and creating an episode that will help others learn how to be their most authentic self.

Wednesdays are the only slots available. If you can’t do Wednesdays, please email .

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