Clairalience & Clairgustance

Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include: clairalience the ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge by means of smelling. From Psychic Prism: Smelling diseases When a person with clairolfaction ability, smells a disease by a person or animal, the person smells the (negative) energy that is emanated by the sick organ. Because every disease emanates aContinue reading “Clairalience & Clairgustance”


Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include: Tips from Amanda Linette Meder: Practice listening to humans and animals, be present for hearing what is said Start identifying where the ethereal voices come in from When the voices come in, ask who is speaking, beginning to identify whom you are communing with and where these voicesContinue reading “Clairaudience”


Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way. Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include: When information comes to mind suddenly without logic, without prior knowing, without reasons or even memory. It is just a certain and strong knowing. There is no room for doubt, it just is what it is. Claircognizance Journal PromptsContinue reading “Claircognizance”


Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include: From late 17th century French clair (“clear”) + sentience (“feeling”). Clairsentience Is the ability to clearly feel energy or clear feeling. Feeling such things as emotions, thoughts, pain and yes even ghosts are made of energy. The stronger the energy of someones fears or thoughts the easier someone with clairsentience can feel it. It is an innerContinue reading “Clairsentience”