Soil to Smile

Soil to Smile: A Unique Blend of Laughter and Sustainability In this episode of Grounded Spirits, we explore the fascinating world of a laughter coach and worm farmer. Our guest, Cathy Nesbitt, combines her passions for spreading joy and promoting sustainable living in her unique career, and we had the privilege of learning about herContinue reading “Soil to Smile”

Highly Creative

In this episode, we delve into the intersectionality of cannabis, family, Mexican heritage, art, authenticity, dreams, and timelines. We will discuss how these different aspects of our lives can come together to shape our perceptions and experiences with cannabis. We’ll be exploring how cannabis can be used as a tool for self-discovery and personal growthContinue reading “Highly Creative”

Balancing Energies to Heal the Human and Divine

This spiritual conversation will delve into the topic of being human and divine, and how we can balance and integrate our masculine and feminine energies in order to live a more fulfilling and harmonious life. We will discuss how these energies are reflected in our physical bodies, and how we can use energy healing techniquesContinue reading “Balancing Energies to Heal the Human and Divine”

The Divinity of Math (or lack thereof)

In this episode, we explore the various philosophies of mathematics and how they shape our understanding of the subject. We delve into the different ways in which mathematicians have approached the field and how they have influenced our understanding of mathematical truth. We also discuss the implications of these philosophies for our understanding of theContinue reading “The Divinity of Math (or lack thereof)”

Expressing Intuitive Gifts

This week Michelle Henderson joins us to talk about how she expresses her soul and helps children do the same. Are you the parent of an intuitive child and feeling overwhelmed by their unique needs and abilities? Are you struggling to understand and support your child’s innate intuitive abilities? In this episode, we will exploreContinue reading “Expressing Intuitive Gifts”

My Self-Expression Journey

Happy New Year! Isn’t it wild how this day is just a random man-made day, yet we can still feel the energies behind it? Yesterday really felt like closing a chapter. Today really feels like the start of something new. It feels like a b2b new/full moon. This demonstrates that combined we have similar energyContinue reading “My Self-Expression Journey”

Owning your Truth

On this week’s episode, our guest is… TJ Johnson My name is Thomas Johnson but I also go by TJ and Teej, depending on what stage of my life you’ve met me. I’m 30 years old and from Trenton, NJ but I also consider myself a Californian and now a New Yorker. I graduated fromContinue reading “Owning your Truth”

Balancing the Mind and Body

Brian Berneman “I want to let people know about all of the possibilities that are out there for them to grow, develop and change, and to lead a more balanced and meaningful life.” With a background in neuroscience and more than 15 years of experience teaching and practicing yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and different healing modalities,Continue reading “Balancing the Mind and Body”

A Vision through Art

Inspired by the unique beauty of hospitality, culture, and worldly perspectives, Hearth Hill Wishes aims to create original home decor that masters a combination of both luxury and coziness. ​ The hearth has always been the heart of the home. It’s a place to gather for warmth, community, fellowship, and love. We hope that youContinue reading “A Vision through Art”

Monterai: Passage through Water

I’ve never written fiction. This was so far out of my comfort zone. But now it’s here and it’s done and I am so excited for everyone to read it! I have never been more proud of a project in my life. I hope you decide to check it out! It is a thought provokingContinue reading “Monterai: Passage through Water”