About Bel-Esprit Productions

In French: 


derived from belle meaning beautiful or great


spirit, soul, mind, intellect, wit, sense

In English:



a person with a beautiful/gifted mind/soul

Ever since I was 12 years old, I have written almost daily. I would write about boys, my feelings, my family, my dreams and even philosophical ideas (I’ve been obsessed with Blaise Pascal since 7th grade!).

Though I loved writing, I was always told that I was good at math and was needed for a successful future. Because of this, I viewed my writing as a hobby and studied hard in mind-bending math courses.

After getting a BA in Psychology with an Applied Mathematics minor, I turned to coding. Coding led to teaching. Teaching led me to a PhD in Education.

While in my PhD program, my love of writing returned, better and stronger than ever. I would write several papers and articles a week. I completed all my PhD coursework in less than 2 years. It was at this time that I decided to become an author.

While I learned a vast amount of knowledge in my PhD program, I also learned how guarded knowledge is in academia. I knew it was my mission to break down these walls and allow everyone access to all knowledge.

The main issue, aside from the cost of each article, is that academic articles are written with jargon that non-academics (sometimes even other academics of other disciplines) cannot understand. It was through these realizations that I knew I wanted to start my own publishing company.

In 2020, when the world shut down, I turned inward and started exploring myself. I journaled incessantly, started a podcast to document my spiritual journey and started creating a guided journal.

And it just sat there.

I didn’t think it was good enough to share with the world. What if everyone hated it? What if I failed?

After tons of shadow work, I have finally released it. Oddly enough, I ended up releasing a different book before this one.

Now I have published more books and the publishing company is becoming a reality.

This is just the beginning.

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