My Self-Expression Journey

Happy New Year!

Isn’t it wild how this day is just a random man-made day, yet we can still feel the energies behind it? Yesterday really felt like closing a chapter. Today really feels like the start of something new. It feels like a b2b new/full moon. This demonstrates that combined we have similar energy to the moon! This is mindblowing! It still amazes me just how powerful we are and how we have yet to believe it fully.

On this episode, I share my own self-expression journey through the expression of my mind, body and soul. This podcast started as a place to document my spiritual journey so this will be a good marker for where I am and where I am going. It will be so cool to be able to go back and listen to it at the end of 2023.

This episode also briefly talks about my key takeaways from 2022. I want to start a thing though. Out of the 28 things on my New Year’s Resolution list from 2022, I only didn’t accomplish 4 of them. One of them being blogging regularly. So why not blog as I create these posts for the podcast episodes?

My Top 5 Lessons from 2022:

1. Rest

Exactly a year ago yesterday, Spirit told me to slow down. I didn’t listen. I spent New Year’s Day working.

If I don’t work, I won’t have money, I won’t survive.

January 2nd, I got COVID. I had no choice but to slow down.

Any illness, any injury, comes down to this, you need to change. Your body is literally crying and screaming and begging you to change.

The rest of the year, I learned to take breaks and enjoy life. I needed rest.

Now I know that things move faster and I work more efficiently when I take breaks.

Working hard but playing harder is how things move faster and allow the abundance to come in.

2. People Pleasers cannot be God Pleasers.

So I think that I have figured out exactly what I believe:

“God” is the collective. Any writings of any deity. It all just means the collective of humans. This is why God in the Old Testament is ruthless, competitive, and short-tempered. This form of God came from people living in the age of Aries (which holds the same characteristics). So when you pray to God, you are asking the collective to give you the energy you need to do the thing you want to do.

“Jesus” is the individual. Jesus came to show us just how powerful we are. He demonstrated what is possible as a human in this physical realm. Jesus didn’t have to die. There is a timeline out there where he didn’t. That’s why they say that the 3rd dimension is now combining with the 5th. In the 5th dimension, Jesus didn’t die. People accepted him as truth and learned how to harness their own personal power and were able to express themselves fully. It was all just a test from the universe (tests from the universe are just to check in and see how they can help). The universe needed to send someone, Jesus, to show us how powerful we are if we just expressed ourselves fully without shame or guilt, so that we could all express ourselves fully. We weren’t ready then. We destroyed Jesus because we didn’t understand, we didn’t believe in ourselves. He rose from the dead to show us that we are eternal beings and to give us a glimmer of hope that one day we will understand the lessons he tried to teach us. (Jesus did not die for our sins. That is just fear-mongering at its finest. Sins aren’t bad. They are lessons. There will come a time when the sins you engage with today, won’t be of any interest to you.) Little by little, over the centuries, we have become more comfortable with the idea that we too are divine, just like Jesus was. Here in the 3rd dimension, we had to wait for the energies of Aquarius to fully accept him and ourselves. That is why now we hear so much about self-care and being our highest self or living our best life. The time is now to be exactly like Jesus, fully human and fully divine, all at the same time, which is the premise of this podcast.

“Holy Spirit” is the divinity that lives everywhere and within us . The Holy Spirit is synonymous with “the universe” when we talk about the universe as a guiding light. When we talk about the universe as the collective of stars, planets, celestial bodies, and other life, we are not talking about the Holy Spirit, we are talking about God. God is the universe in that sense. We all make up God. God is a creator, just like we are. We are made up of billions of atoms. God created our body and all of nature. God was able to go within and connect with the Holy Spirit to be able to create this physical world. Now we need to go within and connect with the Holy Spirit to be able to create IN this physical world. The Holy Spirit is that love energy. Actually, the Holy Spirit is energy. It is all around us at all times. It is the abundance that never leaves us. This is the omnipresent, omnipotent, all the omni-s!

Back to #2, by trying to please those around you, you are not being your true self so you are attracting those who are not in alignment with your highest timeline.

So how do we get to our highest timeline?

The first step is to be fully human and fully divine, just like Jesus. We do this by aligning our mind, body, and soul. To align, we need to express our most authentic self. When we do this, we become God-like and become creators. No one can create the life that we want. We have to take responsibility. We come to Earth to learn. We need to learn how to harness our powers and how to transmute energy just like God. We’ll learn this by surrendering to the Holy Spirit and allow It to lead us in the perfect direction for each one of us. By being people pleasers, we are not surrendering, instead we are living in fear.

3. No Longer Living in Fear

For the majority of my thirty years of life, I have lived in fear. Something that society does a good job of doing is riding off our trauma. No one can tell you what is traumatic or not. We should be measuring up who has the worst scars. We all have scars and we all have trauma to deal with, whether it’s your own or generational or both. Trauma is not being able to talk about something or express it in some way. It is literally the storage of energy that we no longer need. Instead of allowing energy to be able to run through you like a river, getting your needs met whenever they need to be met, we are stuck making do with what we have. To make matters worse, we allow that stuck energy to overcome us to the point we feel like we’re drowning. We need to let go of that energy that no longer serves us, but we can’t.

If it were that easy, everyone would do it, and we would solve all of the world’s problems in a split second. It is tremendously hard but it is vital to do so because by holding onto energy, we are clogging up the river and that is why there is such a large wealth disparity. By letting go of energy, we are letting go of fear. We can spend energy/money freely, and not worry about surviving. We know we’re going to be okay. We trust that there will be a release energy and that abundance will come.

Ok but how can we release energy?

By expressing your true self.

When we find what we are passionate about and go into that flow state, we are giving out energy graciously without expecting it in return. We are giving out precious energy because life wouldn’t be worth living if we couldn’t.

When we tap into this flow state of joy, we tap into that river. Turns out, the river is not limited as we once thought. There is so much energy that we just have to be open to receiving it. So no matter if my worst fears come true, I know that everything will be okay. I live in abundance. Fear comes from lack. I choose to let go of that mindset.

This is what I practiced doing all of 2022 and look I’m still here.

4. Live your Truth

85% of my dreams were being at war or being chased. Just last week, I decided to stop running to rest. Turns out, it was just me at war with myself. I needed to change. I shed that skin. I pulled the trigger.

I am now more me.

That part of myself that needed to d*e was the part of me that was like a lamp shade, protecting the world of my light.

Well turns out the world needs my light.

The world, no, the universe, needs us all to shine our light so bright.

That is how we’re going to grow.

So by being our authentic selves, we attract the things we want in our life (the people, the opportunities, the abundance).

If we don’t, the wrong people/opportunities come and then cause issues (trauma). So then we need to do more work before the right people/opportunities come.

We hurt ourselves more by hiding our true selves than the fear could by putting ourselves out there.

We deserve everything we want. They are our desires, not someone else’s, for a reason.

We can only get it by being ourselves and not someone else.

5. That I’m Actually Cool

And you are too!

I would be cool even if I didn’t have a podcast or written books or anything. We are cool because we exist. We are cool because there is literally no one else in the entire world that is just like us. We have this unique perspective. We have that missing puzzle piece. That’s why it is so important to be our authentic selves.

Growing up, I believed that you could only be cool by association. And who were the “cool kids” at school? The ones that didn’t care about the rules and did their own thing. Whether they were doing it because they were being authentically themselves or because they were pursuing different agendas like attention, is a different story. The point is that we are drawn to people who march to the beat of their own drum because we know how hard it is to do so. It’s hard putting yourself out there with the possibility of getting shut down and ostracized.

In 2022, I learned that while this is a very real possibility, its worth putting myself out there for the possibility that it will help people and that I will feel free. When it comes down to it, we all just want freedom. Being on a journey to attain that freedom, yes, it’s pretty cool.

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