A Vision through Art

Inspired by the unique beauty of hospitality, culture, and worldly perspectives, Hearth Hill Wishes aims to create original home decor that masters a combination of both luxury and coziness. ​

The hearth has always been the heart of the home. It’s a place to gather for warmth, community, fellowship, and love. We hope that you carry our wishes for your happiness and a life of joy from our hearth to yours.

“Paint with purpose” is a motto created with heart. I’ve found myself in the business of encouragement and strive daily to live up to this calling.

Through painting, I seek to capture both difficult and peaceful emotions in hopes of connecting with and uplifting everyone I encounter. Painting has been my therapy as I’ve tackled anger, regret, anxiety, and loneliness. It’s also led me to moments of simplicity, rekindled friendship, and spiritual perspective. ​

When painting emotions, I frequent abstract scenes and imaginary landscapes, using texture as a point of interest.

I rediscover myself daily through oil paints, palette knives, and hand stretched canvas. It’s deeply important to me and our team that we use non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, continuously learning and applying ways we can better our business and daily environment. ​

Each artwork comes with a personal letter of encouragement.

Our Hearth Hill Wishes planner is a customizable version of my ideal notebook. Every page was designed and is used daily by our Hearth Hill Wishes team. The paper and binder are made from 100% recycled material. It truly makes my heart sing.

Besides a self-made Artist, I am: a third-culture kid, in love with understanding all cultures and perspectives, an empathy-driven justice seeker, and a firm believer in God. ​

When not tracking paint around my studio, you can find me writing in my planner or joyfully cleaning/organizing my home.

For more info, check out Sarah’s website: https://www.hearthhillwishes.com/

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