New Perspectives on Bodies and Sex

the fountain of youth is just letting energy go

me at my 10th birthday. i look the same lol

Every disease is an energetic battle

  • Diabetes: having a negative view of your body; telling your body it’s not good to the point where it doesn’t work properly
  • Dementia: trying to forget one memory and your brain can’t differentiate what memory so it just forgets everything
  • Cancer: not letting go of energy so the energy that no longer serves you eats you up

Let’s talk about sex

I talk about my story and my views about sex. I also come up with the revelation that we, as a culture, celebrate putting poison (alcohol) in our bodies (21st birthday) but we make menstruation and sex taboo when they are natural parts of life. Listen for more. In this talk, I reference this:

Listen to this episode to understand why I wrote this book!

Check these out for more!

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