Changing One Step at a Time

Jill Thiry

Jill Thiry is the founder of Club Change, a virtual accountability group that encourages individuals to move through change with an open heart one small step at a time, surrounded by community. Through a virtual club, Jill guides members to set an intention, establish achievable weekly practices, notice what, if anything, might be done in a new way to ultimately establish your intention as a new practice in your life.

For more than 18 years, she has been a professional student of change, whether conducting annual goal setting with her siblings or guiding individuals or groups to achieve change in their lives by identifying and then doing whatever it is they aspire to do, in a kind, achievable, loving way. Some call her “WooWoo with an MBA”…where over 30 years of leading teams in B2B publishing, and over 10 years in health and wellness training, provides a gentle but firm approach to achieving and celebrating change.

Her process involves joining a “club” where you choose to move through change with an open heart and open mind.

For more info on Club Change, click here

Jill’s Website

On this episode, we talk about:

  • How to set intentions to build habits to create change
  • How scary change can be; that we like how cozy our canyon is but our dreams like on the outside
  • How to open our hearts in order to surrender to change

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