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Indra Rinzler

For 50 years Indra Rinzler has been involved in Spirituality and Vedic Astrology. He has been studying and sharing Enneagram of Personality since 1999. He uses these modalities in Life Readings designed to help clients wake up to who they really are. Indra is an enthusiastic genuinely interestingly man who has been a world traveler for over 20 years offering sessions and classes in USA and Asia. His focus is to help clients to awake up to who they really are. He works to help people to live beyond their conditioned stories and to live more in the moment.

Email him at to get your Vedic Astrology chart for free! All he needs is your birth date, time and place. He can also send you an enneagram quiz to find out which one is your story.

You can also find more information on his website.


“Location Astrology can explain our long-term fascination with certain perhaps exotic places and our uncomfortableness surrounding where we were born or other places we have lived. We have certain givens no matter where we live, we don’t theoretically grow fingers by moving to a new place. But we can find more fertile ground in different locations that enable us to mature in ways that are more difficult in other places. By viewing oneself with the changing input of the Relocation charts and AstroCartoGraphy, what appears is a deeper understanding of our behavior and an opportunity to let go of baggage collected on our human travels. These dynamic modalities are a catalyst for self-growth– a force in our own evolution and unfolding.” -Indra Rinzler

Check out this website to find out how your chart is mapped out.

4 Doorways to Conscious Living

We can make an analogy that our life is like a movie. When we watch a movie, we watch what is filmed in front of the camera. But there is a whole scene behind the cameras where the crew is working to make the movie, none of this is seen. We individuality can learn to observe our own movie. This class will teach you about learning to see the crew behind your movie. With a slide show and 3 meditation exercises, I’ll share some simple steps you can implement immediately to help you to be more conscious of the life within and without. My techniques are simple, nothing to buy, no experience needed, and immediately life changing. -Indra Rinzler

Wheel of Totality

A Divine gift, the wheel is a map of consciousness. Astrology talks about the houses where you have planets. But no one talks about the empty houses. The empty houses contain awarenesses that we are ignorant of and blind to. -Indra Rinzler

Navamsha Chart

Navamsha Chart is the crown jewel of readings. The Navamsha chart is the D9 divisional chart of your natal birth chart. Its harmonic vibration is that of “spouse” but it is the “perfect” spouse for us who really is, in “reality,” us at our highest state. I think of this chart as us evolved in our final years. The reading explores what we can look forward to becoming and the path there. I have known of this chart for 25 years and only in the last few months was it the time for me to understand its exquisite wisdom.

Vibrational Astrology


Enneagram shows us the nine personality stories that we use to navigate our life. One of them is at our core. It’s who we think we are but not who we actually are.

Astrology is like the head coach understanding how we work but very focused. The Enneagram is like a fan understanding how we fit in the entire race.

Mars: 8,9,1 (anger types)

Mercury: 5,6,7 (fear types)

Venus: 2,3,4 (image types)

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