How Energy Works: Spiritual Tips

Spiritual Tips

  1. There are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.
  2. We need to let go of energy that we no longer need in order to connect to our higher self. The cool part is that someone out there needs that energy and we’re making ourselves miserable and that person miserable by holding on to it!
  3. Check out The Balance of Good and Bad & Yin and Yang for my previous thoughts on the relationship between good and bad energy.
  4. People are mirrors. The things we like or admire about others are aspects that we have in ourselves (it’s just hidden under that energy that we refuse to let go of lol). The things that we judge others for is just a reflection of that very thing that we don’t like in ourselves.
  5. Who is someone that has completely changed the world? Could they have done that if they cared about what others’ thought or if they didn’t take risks?
  6. Do It Scared. Put yourself out there! It’s gonna be worth it.
  7. Show me as far as it goes! ~30mins (you have to listen to understand what I mean on this one)
  8. What’s your point?
  9. Don’t take things personally!!
  10. Keep your energy and send others love!

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