Transformational Healing

Brighid Murphy

Brighid Murphy is a transformational healer and founder of Path to Power Programs, where she empowers people to heal from within. She’s a certified shamanic practitioner with the Church of Earth Healing and an ordained Interfaith Minister. Brighid empowers people through the practice of spiritual growth.
Her transformative teachings, training and private mentoring have helped 100’s of people transform their lives. With 25 years of experience in guiding others, Brighid’s personal journey through physical illness and emotional trauma drives her passion to help others heal and live their soul purpose.

Brighid has been a highlighted teacher at the SpiritFire Festival and Lily Dale Assembly in New York and the Celebration of Reiki, Inc. Conference in Boston. She’s been featured in Elephant Journal and been a guest on the Happy Health Podcast, Awakened Path Radio and Conversations with the Universe. She’s available to speak on healing, spirituality and entrepreneurship.

For more info about her, check out her website.

Cool Takeaways

  • Visualize bringing your power back to you from any time where you feel like your power was taken from you
  • Our bodies were made to heal
  • We need to become better at communicating with our bodies in order to heal on an emotional and physical level
  • We need to communicate with the pain so we know what is causing it
  • If you struggle to get into meditative states, use movement!
  • Pay attention to what little kids naturally do- that will give some indication of what their purpose is
  • If you struggle to know what your purpose is, think back to what you did as a little kid for fun
  • Inner wisdom is the true knowing of what’s inside of us
  • Spend 5 to 10 mins everyday to just be human (i.e. singing, walking, sitting) pretty soon it will be during this time that you will start to hear that inner wisdom to come through

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