The Energetics of Money

Jodielynn Craven

For a decade, JodieLynn Craven has served in a role of a financial advisor, financial educator, and creator of Abundance Consciousness ™  and the Fluid Money BluePrint ™ Jodielynn has over a decade of advanced knowledge, experience, and expertise in modern financial  structures and alternatively the mindset and energy behind money. 

Her work in the energetics behind money, application of alternative money modalities and her signature process Fluid Money BluePrint ™  a step by step guide for Entrepreneurs who want to learn How To Consistently Attract Money has brought her into the spotlight among clients all over the globe.

The 3 Phases of the Fluid Money BluePrint

  1. Unlocking your abundance blocks 6:54
    1. What are you beliefs surrounding money?
  2. Dismantling negative money perspectives 7:54
    1. What emotions do you have about money?
  3. Abundance on autopilot 9:29
    1. How can we create a consistent wave of money to come into our lives?
    2. Why do you do the things you do?

Absolute Truths: how can we challenge these truths? 16:06

There are a billion possibilities that exist.

It always works out in the end and always better.

read the caption!

Old boat vs. New boat

Old boat: the need to grind in order to have success

New boat: listening to your mind, body and soul to get into flow so we do not burn out

Rest Journal Prompts

When I get to my dreams, I will feel ______. How will you feel? 30:05

What rejuvenates me?

Where do I give energy and how do I get energy?

Am I just numbing my mind or am I actually getting energy from this activity?

Every 6 months, write down everything that gives you joy 31:05

Answer all questions from a place of curiosity rather than judgement

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Best friend Logic

Treat yourself as you treat your best friend. Lift yourself up like your best friend does! 35:55

I get paid extremely well. When I put my heart into my work, I am rewarded.

Jodielynn Craven, 46:22

Abundance Consciousness Philosophy

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  1. Unaware 55:34
  2. Safety
  3. Tribe
  4. more inbetween
  5. Oneness

Tips when Angry/Sad

  1. Take a step back
  2. Ask yourself why
  3. Dig down to the root of why it makes you angry
  4. If it was because of what someone said, reflect on how those words made you feel.
  5. Go back to the person and ask them if that is what they meant when they said those words. (Chances are they didn’t and their words just triggered your own insecurities but if they did mean it then explain how it hurt you and if they truly care about you they’ll work on becoming more aware of their words and how not to hurt you)

Possibilities Chart 1:03:33

We have a possibilities muscle. We exercise this muscle all the time by overthinking or having anxious thoughts. It’s the “What if” scenarios. But what if (lol), we use this muscle for good and think of all the ways that money can come our way.

  1. Write the goal that you want in the center of a piece of paper.
  2. Made a spiderweb chart of all the ways that you could get that amount of money/achieve that goal.
  3. Use positive “What If” scenarios. Keep asking yourself, “How else could it come?”

This exercise will not only raise your vibrations and allow you to get the things you want but it will also break the pattern getting those intrusive thoughts.

What do you think we need more of in this world?


Jodielynn Craven, 1:06:22

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