Creating Healthy Bonds with Money

My grandma in the 70s. Read below to learn more about her story.

To hear her story in her own words, here is the interview that the paper is based off.

Note: it is in Spanish.

“Many people are in ignorance of the fact that gifts and things are investments, and that hoarding and saving invariably lead to loss.”

Florence Scovel Shinn, The Game of the Life and How to Play It, p.44
This is the official instagram of the book that we talk about in this episode, This is Your Destiny.

I have a wonderful work, in a wonderful way, I give wonderful service, for wonderful pay!

Florence Scovel Shinn, The Game of the Life and How to Play It, p.37
@2:56 she says, “Like me and lack, it’s a joke, it’s humorously impossible, I am only responsible for the energy I put out”.

Values Exercise

  1. Read through all of these values and rank them.
  2. Put them in piles from 1 to 5.
  3. Discard Piles 2 to 5.
  4. Rank only values in Pile 1 from 1 to 5.
  5. Repeat until you only have 10 (or less) values left.
  6. Rank the remaining values from least to greatest.
  7. Now you know your values!
I ended up putting my remaining values into categories. I chose 3 main values that the rest fell under.

Healthy Money Tips

  1. Raise your vibrations through focusing on your values
  2. Visualize how you would spend money if you received a thousand dollars more everyday (i.e. on the 1st, you get $1000, on the 2nd, you get $2000, and so on). Note: you can’t use any of that money on any of the essentials (bills, gas, food).
  3. Work on feeling good about spending large amounts of money. I know that it hurts to pay for things that are expensive but this is the law of karma: what you put out into the world, is what you receive. Put out a lot of money and receive a lot of money!
  4. Learn to be comfortable with large sums of money in your bank account. Sometimes we feel like a number is so big that we can’t even fathom having that much money. Practice visualizing it in your bank account!
  5. Don’t spend money to try and make yourself feel better about your self. Things aren’t going to make you feel better, only self-care will help you learn self-love.
  6. Remain calm when money isn’t coming in, you have to trust the universe will be there for you and you will get any and everything you need.
  7. Give money to those in need. Remember you don’t have a say how they spend that money.
  8. Accept any money that comes your way. Just be thankful.

Life is a beach, I’m just living in the sand.

What do you think this quote means?

I think that it means that you’re only playing in the sand because you’re too scared to go through the ups and downs of life that the waves bring OR that the waves signify our emotions and we don’t need to be phased by the ups and downs of them.

Check these out for more!

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