Know Thyself

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Free Association Spell from Aliza Kelly’s This is Your Destiny

Steps on Analyzing the Data:

  1. Write down your associations to the words above
  2. Categorize the associations into themes
    1. it could be into good and bad to begin and then see how you can further break them down
  3. Once you have your themes, go back through the associations and see if any can be better categorized
    1. if you have a lot of categories but not many words in each of them, try combining themes
    2. you should have no more than 5 themes
  4. That’s it! You have now found some traits that you subconscious relates to!

If it’s in your heart, it’s in your chart.


sending this energy to everyone who sees this. never stop showing up for urself, even wen other ppl don’t. #inspiration #money #success

♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

Dressing Your Truth

Music Enthusiast: Pensively Carefree: White Tulle Wrap

Association ThemeCharacteristicPiece of Clothing
Music EnthusiastPensively CarefreeWhite Tulle Wrap
Nature-LovingCaringBig Bear Wrap
White Tulle Wrap:
It attaches on my wrist and grows around to the other side.
This is me getting ready for Countdown 2019.
Here’s my BB wrap. I don’t have any pictures of the full thing 😦
This is my bandana on the day I made it!

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