how to meet our best self in 2022

On the episode, I said I never failed. Turns out this is a lie lol

  1. The Bel-Espirit Interaction was a failure.
  2. I never got my teaching credential because I failed the CalTPA.
  3. Didn’t sell anything on Etsy/Shopify in 2 months.
one way to go
see the squares those are the alternate ways

Reasons I love Raves

  1. Fashion: It feel so good to wear what you feel best in with no restrictions or judgements.
  2. Camaraderie: You get to be yourself and meet likeminded individuals.
My Jasmine outfit for my first rave (Escape 2014).
Day 1 at Countdown this year
Day 2
i felt like one of these was in my heart center and I needed to pull it out. this is what i was talking about at 44:30.
An illustration of the spiritual revelation i had about brushing your hair at 52:30

Check these out for more!

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