Shadow Work and the Water Signs

The diver is like your shadow self. You are the opening at the top. You in full control of letting it out and building a relationship with it. Or you could close it up and not letting the “diver” out of the water. What are you going to decide?

Journal Prompts

Shadow Work

Water Signs

Journal Prompts

Note: all these questions come from Gabriela Herstik’s Bewitching the Elements (p.226)

  1. What does the element of water represent to me?
  2. What’s my truest emotional nature feel like?
  3. What is my soul saying to me right now?
  4. What does my shadow self feel like? Express itself as?
  5. What does it feel like to be living in the world when I’m connected to my heart?
  6. What practices can I turn to when I’m feeling overwhelmed, emotional, and like I need help?
  7. What are the parts of myself I am still learning to accept and love?
  8. What are ways I can nurture myself through this?
Reference: This is the Hormone Monster: Maury that is in a jean jumpsuit. On the podcast, I was talking about this as a metaphor for how I feel: I’m wearing this jean jumpsuit over who I am. I need to unzip like Maury is doing here in order to fully be me.
Reference: Nick is meeting essentially his higher self, as the writer of the show, he came here to complain about his life. He then realizes that he’s the one who has been making his life bad; his higher self is just chilling.

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Shadow Work

  1. To figure out who your shadow is: “Think of that person who annoys you the most. Who just makes you so uncomfortable, even if there’s not a particularly good reason why. This is that person who grinds your gears, who gets under your skin. Make a list of the things that annoy you about this person (or people!). Be specific. Think of all the traits that make your skin crawl and your eyes roll, that make your stomach drop. When you’re done, reread this list. Voilà, you have just met your shadow.” p.214
  2. Healing Ancestral Karma
Reference: When I was talking about a group of strangers taking on your family system.

3. A Rose Ritual For Healing With Your Shadow

Water Signs

I read for the book Bewitching the Elements by Gabriela Herstik for the more in-depth description.
Reference: I was saying that Scorpios get a bad rap. This is the example.

Check these out for more!

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