Learning from Water

I feel like this picture perfectly depicts how the Divine (the Light) penetrates us (bodies of water). Our aim is to stay at the top where we can see (learn from, be close to God) but we always have the option of going deep into ourselves where no one; not even God can touch.

Water is Powerful.

Water is Patient.

Water is Peaceful.

Water is passionate. It moves through the emotions it feels.

Miguel A. Ornelas

Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include:

Water is sentient.

Gabi Abrão

Water is powerful.

Water is powerful is the following ways:

  • Tsunami
  • Rapids in a River
  • Floods
  • Rain
  • Waves
  • Erosion
  • Drops of Water to form Stalagmites
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Water is Patience.

Water is patient is the following ways:


-water waiting to become ice in the freezer

Water has to be cold in order to preserve.

Water is peace.

Water is peaceful is the following ways:

-any body of water (river, lake, pool, bath, jacuzzi, ocean)

– through crying/letting go, we find peace

-when we allow others to see our true selves, we find peace

Books I read from in this episode:


pg. 196-7



Check these out for more!

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