Yin and Yang

Yin feminineYang masculine
making time to thinkcompleting a task
eating what you loveliving a “healthy” lifestyle
doing what you loveworking for money
having “me” timenetworking
spending money nowsaving for the future
doing what you wantdoing what is expected of you
living in the momentpushing yourself to achieve more
1trying something newovercoming fear of change
compromising to gain acceptanceadvocating for your ideas
requesting helpbeing self-sufficient
forgiving and forgettingholding people accountable
free-flowingfull of direction
following your heartlistening to your head
simulated by praisesimulated by challenge
2driven by love and emotionsdriven by success
detailsbig picture
waiting for someonemoving on

Question that Originated from Class Lectures (2010-2014)

-why did the Latin language die?

-Are phobias learned or innate?

-How do we recognize people?

-Are emotions as activated during our REM cycle as they are when we are awake

-is flooding like learned helplessness?

⁃ people get over their fear by learning they can do nothing to prevent it

⁃ -Has an amendment ever been amended?

⁃ i think so…prohibition of alcohol in the 20s (was that part of the constitution)

⁃ -When did the United States become allies with Great Britian?

⁃ fought in the war of 1812 (enemies)

⁃ allies in World War 1

⁃ -Look up: Peterson’s three step dance for effective parenting

-Look up: Flow (Csikszentmihalyi) what’s mine?

-watch: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

-is there a species that can see everything?

⁃ ultraviolet and all colors: what species has the most cones? we only have three; most i know is the lobster thing with 16 cones

⁃ -LU: handwriting notes vs. computer



-what makes a trait/gene dominant? recessive?

-what makes us like/be good at some things over others?

-does DNA always have the same space curve function? bacteria included?

⁃ is it the same in every human?

⁃ or are there a variety of space functions for DNA found in all humans?

⁃ is this space function purely related to humans or animals too?

⁃ -what made the SAT/ACT so widely used?

⁃ when did it come about?

⁃ when did colleges start using it?

⁃ -WAIS- IV: why is it so widely used?

⁃ how does that help fluid vs. crystalized intelligence?

⁃ do the young and the old get the same scores?

⁃ does it account for lying?—> false IQ

⁃ -is α always significant of the area?

-where did ^ (tilda) come from?

-how are we able to come up with things by ourselves that nobody else has taught us?

-what are the properties of imagination? (Pascal is wrong)

-difference between stats and calc:

⁃ stats is easier to understand, concept based, more useful

⁃ calc is harder to understand but more interesting

⁃ -is you actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you a leader- John Quincy Adams

-do you think that Jesus knew about the revelation described in Revelations?

⁃ he must have if he was God but if he was only the son of God then perhaps not. I like the way that Jocelyn put it: He had some divine powers. He was chosen by God to do this task.God gave him divine powers to separate him from the sinful humans. He was not God but did have more pieces of God in him than there are in the rest of us.

⁃ -is there a correlation between the imagination scale to openness to experience and religiosity?

-why did the Babylonians use base 6?

-chemical bases for “feelings”

-American Dream and how it has morphed over time

-if something is clean, what does it take to get dirty?

-why is it an umbrella but a uniform? (Both begin with a vowel but use different a/an)

-why is anything to the 0 power equal to 1

-since extroverts talk aloud in class more then introverts meaning that they take advantage of the opportunity to formalize their thinking, are they considered smarter than introverts on paper?

Check these out for more!

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