Seeds of Devotion

Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include:

Buddha and Jesus and the Goddess Were Sitting Around Talking 40

As Jesus was talking, the Spirit happened by and overheard. “No. No. That’s my turf. Step back. Take a breath.” Buddha laughed and pointed at Spirit, “That’s what I always say: take a breath! That’s a good one.”

Spring! 73

There is no time but now, and the time for you being alive in the spirit and knowing you are alive in the spirit is now. Now. Look to that. Put your gaze there. The time is now and you are stronger than you think.

The Face 128

The dimension of the divine opens forth from the human face. Because of this, we must engage the other as truly unknowable, as mysterious as the very idea of God…Presence…Peace…Curiosity. Courage. Compassion.

The Death of the Buddha 51

Before he died, he said: Be your own light. “I can die happily. I have not kept a single teaching hidden in a closed hand. Everything that is useful for you, I have already given. Be your own guiding light. Everything is impermanent. Strive, and do so diligently,” Buddha said.

What’s in Your Bible? 30 

Find our hearts and our eyes open so we might know where to find You, in every person and in all things. 

The Mountain (Nesotaieux) 117

He compares this steady, calm gaze of our thoughts and distractions to the mountain. The mountain has no say in what kind of weather comes its way. The mountain just observes, slam and steady. It remains unaffected. The weather is our thoughts. The mountain is that deepest place within each one of us, vast, and silent and sacred.

Annie Dillard’s Typewriter 154

Spirituality, the religious way, it’s just a release that pulsating life-giving spirit of love inside that is aching to come out and dance and to water ski across the surface of a poem and wave at the authors name on the shore and skip and dance and sing that love is all there is.

Jump in. Start. Walk. Go. And I’ll be with you and you’ll see what and who I am 156

May Today there be peace within. May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. 157

Go Ahead Cast the First Stone- Prayer 135

Yours is every blade of grass, every snowfall, every mountain slope, every bumble bee, every drop of honey. It’s all yours. It’s all love. And we say thank you God, for all of it. Amen.

Four Chaplains: A Deep Dive 150

I am struck by how much the smear is the human experience we are made from the unity and made for brotherhood and sisterhood but we have moved to a place of disconnection and competition and distress. 151

First and Last 160

Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me welcomes not me but the one who sent me. 158

An adult reaching out to children with care and compassion in his voice and a child’s simple, awe-filled response. Whoever wants to lead, needs to serve. Whoever wants to be great needs to be present with hospitable to the most vulnerable among us- for example the child. 160

Hold Ever So Gently the Beauty and Dignity of the Broken Heart in Front of You 184

You are loved. Any good worthwhile theology insists upon it. You are loved. You are precious and worthwhile. You belong. Act from there. Then you can show up with grace and love and peace.

The eternal mystery loves you so that you might love in turn. 185

Write Your Odyssey: A Deep Dive 53

Everyone should gather friends. Buy some wine. And share their odyssey. Yes, even you introverts. Even you atheists and humanists and ex-this and recovering-thats. All of us. 55

Carl Scovel Saved my Life 13

Let’s look at the word: Surmise. Simply put, it’s a supposition of something as true, even though there is no evidence to support it. What surmise have you had? What is your Great Surmise? 17

Journal Prompts

  • Do you believe that things have souls? (30)
  • How do you view fear? (227)
  • What is your relationship with the need to know? 191
  • How do you deal with death? (47)
  • How do you hear God? 46
  • How do you view interfaith?
  • What is your spiritual awakening story?




♬ Faith’s Hymn – Beautiful Chorus

Reply to @jillbendorovich Imagine if everyone remembered their past lives. 🤯 ♥️ #spiritual #fyp #fpyシ #supernatural #spooky

♬ UFO song (mysterious BGM) – LEOPARD

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