Healing Goals for the Collective

The following are, in no particular order, healing checkmarks. Sometimes we get so focused on thinking of ourselves as “broken” that we don’t realize how far we’ve come. I have made a list of potential healing checkmarks. You may have already reached some of these already (congrats!). You may only resonate with a few (that’s fine, work on those :)). You may be on the same page as me and want to work on them all! Working on any of these will raise your and the collective’s vibrations!

This list is a list-in-progress! More to come!

I want to get to a place where:

  • I can become aware of my emotions without being influenced by them
  • I can just observe my thoughts; not hold on to every single one
  • I work out for the pure joy of working out; not just to lose weight
  • I have sex for pure love; not for orgasms
  • I can become aware of my breathing, without influencing it
  • I eat for the pure joy of eating, without associating any emotions (i.e. shame for eating junk food or only eating healthy food to be skinny)
  • I can become aware of my thoughts & intuition without influencing them (being able to distinguish my intuition from my anxiety)
  • I don’t give in to peer pressure when I really don’t want to do something (i.e. drinking)
  • I don’t allow the past (myself, traditions, family) dictate my future (I don’t get caught up in the idea of should/peer pressure myself)
  • Positive/Happy things happen and I am not riddled with anxiety
  • I can trust (myself, spirit guides, universe) without doubts
  • I can dance and not care who is watching
  • My motivation comes solely from inside (intrinsic motivation) and it not influenced at all by extrinsic factors

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