The Game of Life: Love

Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include:

Real love is selfless and free from fear. 56

Love is God in manifestation and the strongest magnetic force in the universe. 56 

Pure, unselfish love draws to itself it’s own; it does not need it to seek or demand. 56

Jealousy is the worst enemy of love, for the imagination runs riot, seeing the loved one attracted to another, and invariably these fears objectify if they are not neutralized. 56

You can never receive what you have never given. Give a perfect love and you will receive a perfect love. Perfect yourself on this man give him a perfect, unselfish love, demanding nothing in return, do not criticize or condemned, and bless him wherever he is. 57

I salute the Divinity in you. 57

No man is your enemy, no man is your friend, every man is your teacher. 58

Suffering is not necessary for a man’s development; it is the result of violation of spiritual law. 58

Men often suffers loss through lack of appreciation. 59

People get what they want, and then they feel very much hurt. 59

No man is a success in business unless he loves his work. 60

No man can attract money if he despises it. Many people are kept in poverty by saying: money means nothing to me, and I have a content for people who have it. 60

This attitude of mine, of course, separates man from his supply; he must be in harmony with the thing in order to attract it. 60

Money is God in manifestation, as freedom from want and limitation, but it must be always kept in circulation and put to right uses. Hoarding and saving react with grim vengeance. 60

This is an example of where “love of money is the root of all evil. “Money in itself, is good and beneficial, but use for destructive purposes, hoarded and saved, or considered more important than love, brings disease and disaster, and the loss of the money itself. 61

Follow the path of love and all things are added, for God is love and God is supply; follow the path of selfishness and greed, and the supply vanishes, or man is separated from it. 61

All disease, all unhappiness, come from the violation of the law of love. 62

Sorrow, regret and remorse tear down the cells of the body, and poison the atmosphere of the individual. 63

Man it is a perfect idea in divine mind and he’s always in his right place, therefore, my brother is in his right place, and it’s divinely protected. 64

Perfect love casts out fear. He that fear it is not made perfect in love, and love is the fulfilling of the law. 65

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