Thoughts on Purpose & Consciousness

This week’s episode kind of had a mind of its own. I originally called it a theory but at the end, I realized that they were just connected thoughts. I do go deep into these thoughts so I hope you enjoy.

Preliminary Thoughts

  1. We are just a consciousness experiencing life through each of us.
    • What has a consciousness?
  2. There are infinite realms being created at every second through our choices (freewill).
    • There are events that will occur in your life no matter what (fate).
  3. Time doesn’t exist in the way we think about it. Time is not linear. Time is cyclical.

Purposes of Life

1. Love your neighbor

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If we don’t think we’re worthy, we don’t love ourselves. We’ll compare ourselves to others, then we’ll put others down to lift ourselves up.

We are worthy. We deserve it all.

If we truly feel worthy, we love ourselves. We’re not going compare ourselves to others and we’re not going to put others down because there is no reason to.

2. The real aim of life is to serve others while simultaneously getting everything you could ever wish for.

Focus on the good and you’ll get anything you want.

3. Life is just to experience.

Quotes Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I've  ever known. | Lovely quote, Quotes, Relationship quotes

Levels of Consciousness


  • physical realm
  • makes the decisions; the journey
  • how we perceive life to be
  • where the ego lives


  • all about the vibes!!!!
  • it’s just a power; where magic comes from
  • gives you awareness
  • within the conscious


  • spirit realm
  • the divinity within you
    • “voice in your head”
  • chooses the destination
  • within the subconscious
Difference Between Rationalism and Empiricism | Definition and  Characteristics

Tips to better communicate with the sub/superconscious

Ask why for/about everything

  • Why do you act the way that you do?
  • Why do you use the words that you do?
  • Why do you think the thoughts that you do?

How can you change that?

Figure out what you need

  • What do you need to become self-actualized?
  • What do you complain about? Why?
  • What do you need to do in order to have your needs met?

Why do you feel like you need this to become whole?

Pay attention to the vibes around you

  • Why do you like some things and not others?
  • How do you feel around other people?
  • Do you feel vibes from inanimate objects?

Where do you want you direct your subconscious power?

Check these out for more!

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