Clairalience & Clairgustance

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the ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge by means of smelling.

From Psychic Prism:

  • Smelling diseases
    • When a person with clairolfaction ability, smells a disease by a person or animal, the person smells the (negative) energy that is emanated by the sick organ. Because every disease emanates a different energy, the kind of disease can be recognized. When you smell a disease for the first time it would be difficult to determine what it is.It is well-known that dogs can trace cancer by humans. These dogs are clairolfaction.
  • Smelling shortages
    • Every person needs his own basic quantity of food, if the body or mind don’t want getting trouble. The quantity and composition of the basic quantity differs from person to person. Each person needs other products. Nobody is the same. The body will function worse with shortages and with to much of certain food. the energy that is needed of a certain product (for example a specific vegetable or fruit) will be present in the aura of a person. The paranormal person can possible smell this emanation in the aura, and the nose of that person will transform the energy of the shortage in a certain smell of a certain product. What rests is a right interpretation what is meant with the smell.It also occurs that if someone is smelling a product, it means that someone has too much energy of that product in his body and must not eat too much of it.
  • Smelling the smell of a dead person
    • Every person has a certain smell with himself. People love also some particular smell. When spirits are present in a room, they can make themselves known by a smell. This smell can be connected to a person that past away that loved or had that smell. This smell can’t be detected by ‘normal’ noses.
  • Smelling a smell of someone who is going to die
    • Some people with the ability of clairolfaction can sense the ‘smell of death’. In the days/weeks/months before a person is dying, the energetic body of the person is coming apart from the physical body. With this process some energy comes free, which can be received in the nose which translates it in a unique smell. Other people do not sense this smell. The person who is going to die, appears to have this smell with him.
  • Smelling that something isn’t good/healthy for you
    • Another possible ability of clairolfaction is smelling of something is healthy to eat or not. For example pâté, this has a very specific smell. When the pâté smells different by clairolfaction, it is known the pâté isn’t healthy to eat anymore. Another person, who doesn’t have clairolfaction, just smells and doesn’t find anything strange or wrong about it. The person with clairolfaction ability gets the smell of the product in the nose. With this smell the person also gets the energy of the product in the nose. In this way the person smells the energy of the product.
  • Smelling things you see
    • Another possible characteristic that a person with the ability of clairolfaction can have is that he smells the smell of something he sees. For example when he watches television and sees the pictures of a stable, he smells the horses. Pictures of seawater and he smells the sea. Or if a person is seen, the smell of the person is smelled in the noise. And so on.

From Ask Angels:

Smell Impacts Your Life In Many Ways

Taking note of all the smells you encounter during a day is important. Training yourself to be sensitive to the power of smell can improve your life in both this realm and the psychic.

  • Recalling difficult to access memories – a smell can bring back a person or situation that you’d forgotten about on a conscious level. It’s a simple as smelling your mothers perfume on another and then feeling your mothers presence, to something as complex as a smell reminding you of an obscure childhood memory that you perhaps repressed.
  • Being able to read other people – it’s possible for a smell to evoke a psychic impression in order to get a ‘read’ on someone. Smells that are may be so subtle yet can tell you if a person is attracted to you or not, or if someone is very ill. It’s also possible to smell if someone is uncomfortable, annoyed, lying, or scared.
  • Meditating and relaxing – there is a reason why body work healers use scents during their treatments. Soothing smells can bring on deep relaxation, ease muscle tension, and alleviate stress.  Some smells will also help you enter a deeper meditative state and open you up to further psychic impressions.
  • Sensing Energy – Sometimes you may find yourself in someone’s house, office, or other space and realize that you don’t feel comfortable but aren’t really sure why. When that happens, tune in to your sense of smell. This psychic sense will provide you with a lot of information about the space you are in.
  • Sensing danger – On a physical level, you can smell rotten food and not eat it, or you can smell gas and know there is a leak. On a psychic level it is possible to smell danger. You may not be able to verbally define it in the moment, but clairalience is telling you that something isn’t right.
  • Sensing spirits – This often requires a more attuned psychic ability, but as mediums will tell you, sometimes the first indication that you are in the presence of a spirit is the trace of a scent that is connected to the spirit.

From Strength Essence:

Meditation For Developing Clairalience

Close your eyes and see a dial that says “Clairalience” with the numbers 1 – 10 on it.

Now, imagine that dial being turned up to 10.

Now, picture, golden liquid light being pulled in through and around your sinuses while saying,

“Clean and clear all my blocks to clairalience.”

Breathe deeply and allow the energy to be cleared.

From A Little Spark of Joy:

How to Strengthen Clairalience:

  • Meditate on smells you are already familiar with
  • Avoid smoking or other activities that dull your sense of smell and taste
  • Try to imagine familiar smells without the smell in the room
  • Smell more things! The more smells you know, the more you will recognize
  • Practice clairalience with those closest to you by observing their smells and moods. Tell them what you smell and have them practice with you too
  • Meditate and open your chakras, specifically your throat chakra (directly linked to your sense of smell)

From Out of the Void:

One exercise is to gather some photos of things you have smelled at some point in your life. After doing your grounding and shielding rituals, sit in a neutral smelling area and gaze at the photos one at a time. As you do this, try to imagine what they would smell like, really focus on the smells. If you are looking at some chocolate chip cookies, for example, really feel what it is like to be in a kitchen with freshly baked cookies. When you walk into a room where there is a strong smell like that, one that may be associated with memories of your past, you do more than just take a quick sniff. There are smells that seem to touch all of our senses and this is what we are looking to tap into. The energy of the smell.

You may also notice sensations or taste weird things at this point; and that is because clairalience often works in tandem with the other clair-senses, especially clairgustance (clear tasting). Take notes of the things you experience for each photo and in time you will begin to notice many smells and scents that don’t have a physical origin. Recognizing and understanding these smells can be a great way to enhance the understanding of your environment as well as receiving inspiration and messages from loved ones who are no longer here physically.


The paranormal ability to taste a substance without putting anything in one’s mouth. It is claimed that those who possess this ability are able to perceive the essence of a substance from the spiritual or ethereal realms through taste.


From Out of the Void:

There are techniques you can use to practice using clairgustance!


After grounding and shielding, sit quietly and think of a loved one who is no longer here physically, and try to remember a food or drink you might associate with them. Remember what it felt like to enjoy whatever the food was and be still. You may or may not notice anything the first few times you do this but if you don’t try too hard, you might be surprised by the sensations you experience.


To practice alone, try to focus on only the real sense of taste. Really focus on the flavors while eating and drinking. Then go further. Notice how the food makes you feel. Ignore the thoughts and just feel what it feels like to eat and drink. This is sort of like creating a catalog of “symbolism” for yourself. Messages from spirit are going to usually resonate with something that makes sense to you, not something predetermined by someone else. The more associations you have to work with, the more chance you will have of understanding a message from spirit.

With a Friend

You can also practice reading the living by speaking with a friend on the phone. Again, ground and shield and don’t try too hard! Speak casually with your friend as they eat or drink something, don’t ask them what it is but try to feel for yourself. Pay attention to anything you notice, remember clairgustance typically works with another clair, so be receptive, don’t try to decipher. You are not looking to “know” or understand you are just hoping to experience.

Be patient

Whatever technique you choose it is important to not try too hard. If you look for something in particular you are likely to miss the actual “messages”. This is an area for patience, faith, and trust. Simply take note of anything you experience and in time you will gain a better understanding and see that you have more ways of connecting to the world around you than that which you can explain.

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