Living in the Present Resources

Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include:

You’re living in the present when your mind, body and soul are one; all connected and no longer fighting.

NGHTMRE Park 'N Rave
Park n Rave Link (so you can see what I was talking about with the spaces)

Facts about Love (from Shaw Academy)

  • We do not create love
  • Love is eternally present
  • We just need to align ourselves with love
  • You are a pure extension of love
  • People in love radiate like sunlight.
  • Everything works out for them.
  • It is like a strange sort of magic.
  • Helps manifest your desires.

The purpose of life is to love.


I figured out where that quote came from! It was from a Louis the Child set. He says it at 39:55 but you should listen to this whole set. I loved it!

Why love is a powerful manifestation tool

  • No resistance
  • No overthinking
  • Surrendering

Check these out for more!

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