5 Lessons that 2020 Taught Humanity

We can all agree that 2020 was the weirdest year that any of us have experienced. In the midst of all the chaos and negativity that the year brought, it also brought a few good things. Here is my list of what 2020 taught humanity:

1. We have to slow down.

In previous years, we were always on the go. I feel like everyone was so busy. When we were quarantined, we were forced to take a break from that life.

2. We need to appreciate the arts more.

During the first few months of quarantine, everyone was binge-watching tv shows on streaming services like Netflix, then people started dancing more on apps like Tik Tok, and now it seems like people are turning to reading books and poetry again

Earth without art is just eh creative hand Vector Image

3. We can never take going-out for granted again.

Whether going to your grandmother’s house or a trip around the world, we all took for granted the freedom we once had before COVID. Now all I wish I could do is go to the movie theatre.

4. Friends and family make everything better.

It was during this time (2020 election/COVID) that everyone’s true colors came out. Now we know who really is a ride or die person who will always be there for you.

5. Turns out, personal development is just as important as professional development.

Pre-2020 we only cared about success that we could see, now people are starting to realize that it’s what’s inside that really counts. More and more people are starting to reflect on their behavior which has led many to have a spiritual awakening. Even if people don’t want to call it that, the usage of the word “vibe” skyrocketed in 2020.

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