The Age of the Holy Spirit

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The God and Father, who holds the universe together, is superior to every being that exists, for he imparts to each one from his own existence that which each one is; the Son, being less than the Father, is superior to rational creatures alone (for he is second to the Father); the Holy Spirit is still less, and dwells within the saints alone. So that in this way the power of the Father is greater than that of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and that of the Son is more than that of the Holy Spirit… (Origen, First, 33–4 [I.3])

  • The vibrations that come off of everything come from the Holy Spirit. This is why we say we feel the Holy Ghost move us.
  • Jesus came down to Earth to teach us how to balance our ego and our divine self.
  • God is the universe but God is an entity in an other being’s universe. Similarly, we have a whole universe inside of each of us. This is the idea of the micro and macro universe. It is infinite.
The Age of the FatherThe Age of the SonThe Age of the Holy Spirit
LocationThe Heavens/CosmosWithin UsVibrations
Reason for
Being Good
God-fearingFaith vs. Good WorksListening to the Vibes
TimeBeginning of Time-
End of Old Testament
The New Testament-
December 20, 2020
December 21, 2020-
End of Time

The Savior of Each Age and the New Name – World Mission … › Truth of Life

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