Common (Spiritual) Sayings

15 Common Sayings That Are Actually Spiritual

1. It just came to me (Lightbulb Moment)

When we are stuck on something or when we are taking a morning walk or any other time of day, an idea will just pop into our head. We don’t know from where or why this idea is here but it is! This idea came out of nowhere that we call it a lightbulb moment. The lightbulb turns on in our head and everything makes sense.

What is really happening

Your brain is a transmitter, like a radio. The divine sends you messages but only when you are ready. These can be ideas, thoughts, or direct messages. This is similar to claircognizants; except theirs is stronger. Clairvoyants will not only have these ideas/thoughts, they can actually see them. Clairaudients can actually hear them. Clairsentients can feel them. This is different than empaths, they feel vibrations instead of ideas.

2. Having a big head

Someone with a big head is someone who thinks very highly of themselves. They believe that they can do no wrong and that they are perfect in every way. According to the dictionary, having a big head describes a conceited or arrogant person.

Having a big head originates from Greek mythology where Narcissus “rejected the desperate advances of the nymph Echo. This caused Narcissus to fall in love with his own reflection in a pool of water”. Narcissus is also the name of a daffodil. Unlike other flowers that bloom from a bulb, daffodils grow a “big head” out of no where when they bloom. Begin the video at 1:30 to see what I am talking about.

What is really happening

The soul is made up of the divine and the ego. When the ego takes over and “falls in love with itself” this causes an imbalance; hence the head. When you really engage in self-love then the divine and the ego are in harmony and you would become more compassionate rather than self-centered.

3. The Little Voice

When faced with a moral dilemma, often, we will literally hear a voice inside of our head. Characterized in TV shows and movies, this phenomenon is depicted as the angel and devil on a shoulder.

What is really happening

The Divine lives within you but so does the ego. The ego is just looking out for you. It is associated with the devil because we believe that selfishness is evil. The Divine just tells you what you should do; however sometimes it can be clouded because of how we’ve been programmed. Some things that society has said we shouldn’t do was just to control us instead of raise our vibration. This is why meditation is so important. This is when the divine is free to communicate with you without previous programming interrupting.

4. I can feel your energy (Good Vibes/Passing the vibe check)

Whenever you walk into a room or meet a new person, you feel either at ease or uncomfortable. You could also feel a mood shift (whether positive or negative). You can’t explain it but you are either drawn to a person/place like a magnetic or not. What is even harder to explain is being able to feel a person/place’s energy or vibes from a screen. You could have never met the person but can still pick up on their vibes. This happens a lot to me on Tik Tok.

What is really happening

Literally everything in the universe is made of waves. (This is why learning trigonometry was so important in school! lol). You have sound waves, microwaves, UV Light waves, so many waves! The ocean clearly is made up of waves. The way your DNA wraps around is a wave. When your mood is graphed it would also display a wave.

You are literally giving off signals through these waves that you emit through your aura. People unconsciously are able to understand these signals that you are giving off.

5. Vibin’ (on the same wavelength)

In addition to feeling someone/something’s vibes, you can be on the same wavelength with them (or be vibin’ with them). This means that you are in harmony or agreement. You can agree on an idea or just a mood. This can happen with music too (with or without other people). This gif explains this better. You just feel at one with someone/something.

What is really happening

The frequency of the person/place/thing is compatible with your wave. It could be like the gif above simulates or it could be like the gif below. Either way, it just means that on the most basic level, the frequencies of the two come in harmony.

6. Goosebumps

We can’t control when we get these but it usually happens when we are really connected to something. It could happen when you listen to music or when someone special whispers in your ear or if you’re just cold.

They are called goosebumps because they resemble the bumps a goose gets when it is plucked. They are also referred to as chills. You feel a wave overcome your body. You can feel the chill from the top of your head to your toes.

What is really happening

It’s kinda like crying. When you are overcome with emotion, your body reacts to it by crying. When you are overcome with energy, your body reacts by raising the skin. The waves are literally penetrating your body and causing this reaction!

7. Gut Feeling

Often referred to as intuition, a gut feeling is a feeling in your stomach that you are certain is right, though you cannot explain why. It could be a good or a bad thing. This feeling often occurs when trying to make a decision.

What is really happening

Your Solar Plexus Chakra is being activated! This chakra is located in the center of your body: your tummy area (or where we perceive it to be because it’s actually a lot higher up than we think). This chakra is your willpower/control chakra; however, it is also your anxiety chakra. This is also your “I do” (action) chakra, which is why it gets activated when you are trying to make a decision. If it is telling you something, it is probably right!

8. In Another Life

This is a common phrase used when we feel connected to someone or something but it is unattainable in our lives now. We say “in another life” to reference a life where circumstances are different and/or we made different decisions.

In Katy Perry’s song, The One That Got Away, she talks about a lost love that could have been her soulmate if only things were different. Similarly, Ashlee Simpson’s In Another Life, discusses how in sync she is with someone but for whatever reason it just couldn’t work out.

Check out this cool lofi version of the song!

What is really happening

  1. One explanation is that there are infinite parallel dimensions of just your life. Every time you make a choice, a new dimension forms. Think of the movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow. In one or more of these dimensions, you end up with this person, career or anything else that you feel a connection with.
  2. The other explanation is that you feel so connected to this person/place/thing that you have either previously been connected in a past life or will be connected in a future life.

9. Deja Vu

Literally translated to already seen from French, deja vu is the feeling we get that something has already happened in your life. It can even get so intense that you can predict what comes next because you have actually experienced this before.

What is really happening

You have experienced this in another life! Deja vu occurs when there is a glitch in the matrix (what we perceive to be reality) and that other life in a parallel dimension overlap for a brief moment. You tap into the subconscious of your other self to have that memory that your other self has already experienced.

10. Spirit Animal

When you embody traits of an animal, you say that they are your spirit animal. They reflect you in some way and you feel a deep connection to the animal through their characteristics/stereotypes, vibes or personality.

What is really happening

You were either this animal in another life or this animal is your spirit guide, sent from God to protect you and guide you through this life.

11. Fall into place (God’s Plan)

Sometimes things happen in your life that are not ideal but then later you realize why certain events had to happen so that you could get to the point that you are at now.

What is really happening

You needed to learn from those experiences. You had to learn how to get rid of the bad energy. It was God’s plan to have you go through the hardships so that you could get to a better place.

Everything happens for a reason.

God’s plan includes certain “stops” that you will hit but everything else in between in up to you!

12. Soulmate

We all spend our lives trying to find a soulmate, a soul that completes us, however, we don’t consider the possibility that a soulmate could be a friend, a family member, or even a pet! The Google dictionary defines a soulmate as “a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner”.

What is really happening

Souls really do get split but the person that is your other half is actually your twin flame. A twin flame is a person whose soul is literally the other half of your soul. Souls split after ascending to a high frequency. 

It is important to note that everyone has a soulmate, a soul that is compatible to their own, but not everyone has a twin flame as it is difficult to ascend to a high frequency.

13. Spelling/Jinx

A spell is a “a form of words used as a magical charm or incantation” or “write or name the letters that form (a word) in correct sequence”.

“Jynx/jinx is traced to the 17th-century word jyng, meaning “a spell”, and ultimately to the Latin word iynx, also spelled jynx, as ‘j’ and ‘i’ are the same letter in Latin” (1). Sometimes you accidentally jinx something when you speak it.

What is really happening

It is no coincidence that the word spell has all three of these meanings. It shows how powerful our speech is. We are the only species that has a written form of communication.

We have a piece of the divine inside of us. We are powerful!

Anything we say, can come true!

When you speak you release energy, this energy carries the message and makes it your reality.

Whether the message is positive or negative is will become your reality; hence why we say that we accidentally jinxed it.

We say jinx after someone says the same thing as us at the same time, because we “think” that they put a spell on us to say the same thing at the same time.

Now, it’s a fun joke but during witch hunts, it was a very serious accusation.

14. OMG

“Oh, my God” is the first line in the Catholic prayer called The Acts of Contrition. The original prayer can be found in The Small Catechism of the Catholic Religion, written in 1884 by Bishop John Nuemann of the Congregation of the Holy Redeemer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2). The prayer may have been recited before this date however.

In 1917, the abbreviation OMG was used in a letter from John Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher to Winston Churchill.

In both of these historical cases, the saying “Oh my God” was used to call upon God. However, when we say “oh my God”, we say it when we are surprised, angry or shocked by something. It is such a common saying that we don’t even realize that we are using God’s name in vain.

Using God’s name in vain is going against the third of the ten commandments. But I believe that this only counts if you are saying these words in the slang instead of actually calling upon God.

What is really happening

Yes, we are calling upon God when we use this saying however, what God? We use the personal “my God” in the saying indicating that we are calling upon the God that resides within us. We all have a different part of God (click here for more on this topic) within us so we all have an individualized God that we form a relationship with. No, you do not need to be religious to have a relationship with your God.

15. 3D

As a society, we consider the first dimension (1D) as a line, 2D as a plane, a flat surface, such as a piece of paper, and 3D as anything that has length, width and height. Everything in our visual reality is in 3D according to this definition. We can’t fathom dimensions passed the third. However, in mathematics, a lot of work in done in the fourth dimension (i.e. using wind or light) in addition to the length, height and width.

What is really happening

Yes, the reality that we have created as a collective is in the third dimension but that is not to say that that is where we should stay.

People that stay in 3D are those who don’t question the rules and just blindly follow them. They have no sense of agency.

People that move up to 4D are those who want to make a difference. They are not complacent with the rules that have been created by the government or the church, for instance.

People living in 5D have become fully aware that they are powerful infinite beings and create a life as such.

Which one are you?

If you learned something, leave a like or a comment! I would love to get your perspective on these common sayings.

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