The Reality of your Imagination

Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include:

Movies/TV Shows (Warning Spoiler Alert):

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Legend of Korra


Seven Deadly Sins

Wizards of Waverly Place

Sabrina, the Teenaged Witch

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Twilight Saga


What is written at the end of every movie:

The persons and events in this motion picture are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons or events is unintentional. This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries.

The YouTube video discussing the importance of 432:

Dragon images:




I had said it was a slug who could see other colors we can’t imagine but I meant a shrimp.

Here is a video describing their eyes:

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments!

Check these out for more!

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