Why I started Grounded Spirits

While driving to Laughlin, NV on a family trip, I was listening to a podcast about the root chakra. I loved how the podcast host described the root chakra but I kept thinking about how great would it have been if someone were to document their spiritual awakening/ shadow work experiences. Immediately in that moment on the road, the name Grounded Spirits popped into my head. I believe that nothing is original thought and that every idea that “pops” into our head is a message from the divine.

Once I came back home from the trip, the idea would not leave me alone. A week later, I mustered up the courage to record my first podcast ever. I also started an instagram page. I then, needed a place to share the resources that have helped me in my spiritual awakening, thus this website was born.

Whether you found me on instagram, through the podcast or just stumbled upon this post, thank you for being here. I feel like there are no coincidences in the universe so there has to be a reason why the universe felt like we should connect so please reach out! You can drop a comment here introducing yourself or on instagram, via the contact page or even email me! I so wish to build a community that can support each other through this crazy time.

Check these out for more!

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