My Thoughts

Just like Blaise Pascal in Pensées, I am going to write down any thoughts that come to mind. Instead of them being scattered around my office like Blaise, I am going to write them here. If you have any questions or want me to expand on these ideas, comment/DM me!

This post will be constantly updated.

  1. The brain is just a receiver for thoughts. The thought either comes from the ego or the divine.
  2. There are infinite parallel dimensions of just your life. Every time you make a choice, a new dimension forms. Think of the movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow. You see these other dimensions in your dreams. Their existence also explains deja vu and jamais vu.
  3. Soulmates exist but not in the way you think. A soulmate can be a pet or a friend or family member, it does not have to be a romantic connection.
  4. Reincarnation exists. Heaven and hell also exist. Heaven is where we will all go once we have learned all the lessons we are meant to learn. Hell is where we go if we feel guilty about something. The bible tells us repeatedly that we need to forgive ourselves and others. If we didn’t learn that in this life, we go to hell until we learn that important lesson to prepare us for the next life.
  5. God exists as the Universe. The God that we refer to is the one inside of us. We truly make up God’s body. When we hear or feel God, it is the One that is inside of us.
  6. Smoking weed alone allows you to be unapologetically the very essence of yourself.
    • The ego allows you to be an individual but this is the one time where you are enthusiastic about being unique (as in you want to be weird). No one is here to judge you. Dance naked! Sing at the top of your lungs! Just stare at nature. Let your mind wander! Be thankful for every thought. 
      • If a negative one arises, think about where it comes from. What is the root of it? Just don’t overthink it. Let is fade away like smoke does.
      • Same goes for the positive ones, we don’t give enough thought to the good ones. 
    • The goal is to be able to do all of this without the use of any drugs.
  7. Drugs are beneficial because the state they put us in allows our mind to have a different perspective.
    • The only problem is when people get addicted to this state of mind and/or they use this state of mind to avoid their emotions.
  8. The reason we love stories: Whether we heard them personally, read in a book, or viewed on the big or small screen (your phone), we love stories because A) it connects us and biologically humans are social creatures and B) when we are in-between lives (meaning after we have die but have not been reborn yet) we are in heaven (yes, everyone makes it up to heaven eventually) and what is there to do in heaven, watch people’s lives. I believe that this came first and so when we became humans, we yearned for that, so we created it on Earth. It’s a little bit of heaven on Earth.
  9. Evolution and creationism are both true. God created something out of nothing. Naturally, things evolved because that is how God created them. Just like God, we are constantly trying to innovate.
  10. Math is the language of God. It is taught in such an unnatural way to keep you in the dark. You would be too powerful and wouldn’t be able to be controlled. If you learn enough math, you’ll end up learning magik.
  11. In school, we need to be more concerned with students understanding processes rather than memorizing facts.
    • We should want citizens with the ability to critically think rather than just trained zombies.
  12. Time works differently for plants. Time is in slow-motion for us. This is why they look stationary but they actually move a lot. We can get a glimpse of their time when we do a time lapse video.
  13. The term “part of me” comes from the different entities inside of you (i.e. heart, body, mind, ego, divine, emotions, body parts). Think Inside Out or the kouncil.
  14. Extroverts are energy vampires. Introverts make the energy. This is why introverts feel drained after hanging out with people and why extroverts feel energized after hanging out with people. Extroverts literally feed off of people’s energy. We try to make introverts feel bad for being introverted but it is a gift! It is difficult to sit with yourself for an extended period of time and reflect and create energy.
  15. Mental disorders are not really disorders rather they are gifted people who get labeled as being crazy because they want to diminish our power. We need to harness that power.
  16. Nirvana is the ultimate happy place. This is because when we reach nirvana we are happy with change and accept it fully. Hell is a place for people who can’t accept change. Hell is not a punishment. It is a place designed for you to grow.
  17. Your favorite color is associated with the chakra that needs the most care.
  18. The vibrations that come off of everything come from the Holy Spirit. This is why we say we feel the Holy Ghost move us.
  19. Jesus came down to Earth to teach us how to balance our ego and our divine self.
  20. God is the universe but God is an entity in an other being’s universe. Similarly, we have a whole universe inside of each of us. This is the idea of the micro and macro universe. It is infinite.
  21. Time means nothing. We all live by our own sense of time.

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One thought on “My Thoughts

  1. We are spiritual/energy beings on this planet Gaia to protect her and learn, children of Mother/Father Divine. We are not originally from this planet, so as energetic/spiritual beings on this earth planet, satan/negative angel was kicked out of heaven on earth for our survival, every thing is Energy, without grounding we would not be here, core of Energy, + – Jesus/ Lucifer angels on your shoulder like the cartoons. choices it’s all a game, then you go to another level or dimension pass on. Energy as the creator is forever, before the Big Bang what was here before that, darkness? How was that created? Science say there are stars older than the universe. God/Light did not start with the so called BB, or as the Bible (parables) states in the beginning?? just my thoughts✌️♥️🌎👽✝️ You are correct I believe.


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