About Me

Being a philomath, a lover of learning, it was always so difficult to choose just one path. I’ve always loved everything but didn’t think it was possible to unite all my passions into one life. Turns out, it’s actually possible!

After leaving a career in education, I became the host of Grounded Spirits Podcast, where I was able to talk about anything and everything. I finally felt free. Grounded Spirits started as a place where I was able to document my own spiritual journey and is now a place where I share knowledge to help you on your spiritual journey.

With my soul purpose being, to share and create knowledge, I am now moving into the publishing realm with Bel-Esprit Productions. I’ve started publishing guided journals to help you discover the knowledge within.

I am also obsessed with crafting, cooking, gardening, and DIY projects for the home. Check out my TikTok for more!

I aspire to show that we can really do it all. Don’t limit yourself! Reach past the stars! If you love something, there’s a reason for it. Happy exploring!

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